Shagun Gold Steam Distilled Lemon Essential Oil 15 Ml 100% Pure, Natural & Therapeutic Grade Enriched In Vitamin C & Natural Antioxidants


  • 100% Pure And Natural Steam Distilled Lemon Essential Oil: The Offered Lemon Essential Oil Is Extracted From The Lemon Peels Through The Method Of Steam Distillation Extraction Process. Enriched With The Goodness Of Vitamin C And Antioxidants, This Oil Is Globally Praised By Most Of The Persons For Use In Skin-Care And Diy Methods.
  • Besides, The Powerful And Purifying Aroma Of Lemon Oil Makes It A Perfect Option For Aroma Diffuser.;An Overall Skin-Care Package: Being A Natural Antibacterial And Antioxidant, Lemon Essential Oil Helps To Improve The Complexion And Texture Of All Types Of Skin.
  • It’S Balancing And Rejuvenating Nature Are Perfect To Clean The Pores Deeply For Lending A Clear And Refreshed Skin All Day Long.;Household Uses: Lemon Essential Oil Makes A Perfect Alternative To Those Chemical-Based Disinfectants And Antiseptic Cleansers Due The Presence Of Natural Elements.
  • Natural Deodorizer: Use few drops of lemon oil in aroma diffuser to spread a calming aroma within interiors for a refreshed feel.

Revitalize Your Body And Mind With Shagun Gold Lemon Essential Oil. Extracted From The Peels Of The Lemon Fruit Through Steam Distillation Method, It Is Basically One Of Its Own Kind Of Essential Oil That Serves The Purpose For Skin Care As Well As Homecare. The Fresh, Powerful And Energizing Aroma Of The Lemon Essential Oil Is Perfect To Fill The Body And Mind With An Energized Feel. The Citrus Aroma Of This Amazing Oil Also Helps To Clear Foul Smell And Other Unpleasant Aromas From The Interiors When Used With Aroma Diffuser. Moreover, This Oil Also Makes The Perfect Choice To Disinfect Clothes, Utensils And Other Household Stuff During Cleaning.


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