Pure 100% Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil 15 ML


  • All Skin Types
  • Very sweet fragrance; Use for diffuser
  • Anti-fungal properties of this oil is known to fight nail fungus and aids in relaxing the soles
  • pure essential oil 
  • ? external use only

Tea Tree Oil: – Shagun Gold Tea Tree essential oil is a true companion for your skin. A true savior in the bad days when Acne, Pimples, Dandruff and rashes are troubling your lovely skin & hair. Sourced from Australia, Tea Tree oil can be made from over species of tea trees and is now a popular, natural ingredient in almost all kinds of shampoos, face soaps and ointments. The oil has amazing healing properties and can cure many skin problems like dark spots, blemishes, pimple outbursts and others. Tea Tree essential oil is widely used by people for different reasons as it is rich in Anti-oxidants. Some people use it for Acne, Fungal Infections, and other severe skin problems because of its Anti-Septic properties. The Tea Tree essential oil pack has some effective antiseptic properties that eliminate bacteria from the skin. Many people use Tea Tree oil, Tea Tree Oil very useful for diffuser also, Tea tree oil is applied to the skin (used topically) for infections such as acne, fungal infections of the nail Tea tree oil uses are numerous: making homemade cleaning products, diffusing it in the air to kill mold, applying it topically to heal skin issues and using it to treat viral infections

Weight15 g
Dimensions10 cm


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