Pure 100% Natural Lemon Essential Oil 15 ML


  • All Skin Types
  • Very sweet fragrance; Use for diffuser
  • Anti-fungal properties of this oil is known to fight nail fungus and aids in relaxing the soles
  • pure essential oil 
  • ? external use only

Lemon: – Lemon Essential Oil. Extracted from the peels of the lemon fruit through steam distillation method, it is basically one of its own kinds of essential oil that serves the purpose for skin care as well as homecare. The fresh, powerful and energizing aroma of the lemon essential oil is perfect to fill the body and mind with an energized feel. Lemon essential oil makes a perfect alternative to those chemical-based disinfectants and antiseptic cleansers due the presence of natural elements. The refreshing and cooling properties of this oil help to clear unpleasant odor from the interiors. It is the sole reason for the high demand of lemon essential oil in household cleaning applications such as sanitizing surfaces or removing gum, oil and grease spots. Lemon Oil very useful for diffuser also.

Weight15 g
Dimensions10 cm


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