Pure 100% Natural Cedarwood Essential Oil 15 ML


  • All Skin Types
  • Very sweet fragrance; Use for diffuser
  • Anti-fungal properties of this oil is known to fight nail fungus and aids in relaxing the soles
  • pure essential oil 
  • ? external use only

Cedarwood oil: – It deeply moisturizes skin and improves skin tone, giving the face a healthy rejuvenating glow. The carrier oil deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin. How to use essential oil: The most invigorating way you can use essential oil in bathing relaxes the tired bodies, quieten the mind and calm the spirit. An Aromatherapy massage promotes blood circulation, drain the lymph and relax or stimulate according to your mood and the oil used. Cedar wood essential oil is extracted through the complex process of steam distillation from the wood pieces of cedar wood tree. This plant grows up to the height of 100 feet and lives around for 1000 years. Use of few drops of this oil in aroma diffuser helps to ward off insects and mosquitoes from the interiors to keep the surrounding clear. Cedar wood essential oil is one of the most healing oils known to mankind. A potent antimicrobial, it helps fight skin and scalp infections.

Weight15 g
Dimensions10 cm


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