Pure 100% Natural Basil Essential Oil 15 ML


  • All Skin Types
  • Very sweet fragrance; Use for diffuser
  • Anti-fungal properties of this oil is known to fight nail fungus and aids in relaxing the soles
  • pure essential oil 
  • ? external use only

Basil oil, a pure essential oil is extracted from ocimum basilicum herb that mainly belongs to the lamiaceae family. The oil is manufactured through the method of steam distillation, Basil is held sacred in the Indian subcontinent for its spiritual, emotional and medicinal benefits. Basil is used extensively and enjoys a cure-all status. Basil essential oil has exceptional adaptogenic and decongesting qualities that make it very useful for relieving stress, headaches, joint pains, and cold and cough.100 percent natural standards. Basil (Tulasi) Essential Oil include its ability to sensitive skin, muscles and joints, massaged into the skin, treat the symptoms of acne and promoting healthy hair growth. Inhaling basil can refresh the mind and restores mental alertness, and may also sharpen your sense of smell. Also useful for fatigued or aching muscles, rub a few drops onto tense areas for relief. Basil Oil very useful for diffuser also. Basil pure essential oil is very famous for its positive effects on skin and hair care. It is very useful in maintaining a healthy and dirt free scalp and it also fight against dandruff and make your hairs stronger and thicker from its roots. Basil oil for hair, it nourishes your scalp and saturates it.

Weight15 g
Dimensions10 cm


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