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You may have heard of Khadi Shampoo. You can find Khadi Shampoo being made at home or you can buy it in the stores that sell organic or home items. Most people that make their own shampoo know how to use herbs in them and they understand the benefits of using herbs in their shampoo. Today, if you do not know how to use herbs you can try making your own shampoo from ingredients that are found in your kitchen. The three herbs that you will need to make the shampoo are lavender, Rosemary, and tea tree oil. Lavender and Rosemary are very common herbs that are used in the making of shampoo. They smell nice and they also help to soften the hair. The third herb is used to help protect the scalp from damage and that is the reason why they are used in shampoos. If you read the instructions on the bottle for shampooing and conditioning your hair, you will see that you can use all three herbs. You can even make the shampoo a day ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator for use later. You will have it all prepared before you head out the door to work.

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